Three sons continue the legacy of creating and offering priceless metal pieces. A dream that began one hundred years ago in workshops in old Cairo and was taken to new artistic heights by Mr. Ali Wafa.

We are determined to continue to build on our strengths and remain one of the premium choices for the artistic client who prefers unique handcrafts made by four generations of visionary passionate family members.

Internationally recognized for its leadership and excellence in sourcing materials, designs, creative expression and service, El Wafa group is resolved to be the prime supplier and innovator of metalware that once purchased becomes an item of value throughout the years. We are expanding with factories here in the Middle East and also our worldwide reach is growing with products heading to other parts of Europe. As feedback from previous and current clients is always a concern for us, we will continue to strive in not only growing the El Wafa brand but to always be one step ahead with our designs, customer service and above all, integrity and commitment to our dream.