El Wafa Group is a premier leader in the arts market for fine handcrafted goods.
Silverware, tableware and accessories for individuals of taste and style; who enjoy the serene arrangement
of pleasurable art pieces for homes, restaurants and hotels.

We have been offering the dream of fine handcrafts for the home for the past one hundred years now. Our
products are the best choice for those who seek artistic beauty and creativity in every piece of their
metalware and practical tools with competitive prices.

Subtle Arabian carvings, dabbed with the spirit of the age embellish most of our products and give character to every piece. For those who seek individuality in their choices, our diverse products cater for the edge they would like to give to their homes, with the exquisite feel of royalty and the modern charm of our time. We at El Wafa group are dedicated to excellence, serving international markets and are striving to remain the best at what we do.